Lobby Control Systems

Lobby Control Solutions

Why adopt an automated visitor management system?

  • Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in

  • Increase security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data.

  • Increase client and visitor satisfaction by reducing the effort and time associated with visitor processioning.

  • Reduce costs related to visitor management and lobby control.

  • Provide additional safeguards by screening against watch lists.

  • Improve security and safety by, quickly and accurately, identifying who is in a facility.

  • Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data.

Whether your facility’s needs call for a solution that is standalone, offers true real-time integration to access control and/or other systems, is cloud based or on- premises based, is a manned/unmanned kiosk solution Global has the expertise to assist in the selection, implementation and support of the chosen visitor management system.


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