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Access Control Solutions

Today’s access control systems are designed to offer a single platform to manage and monitor activities surrounding and within a single building or multi-facility campus.

  • Cloud Based Solutions: Offer the ability to monitor and manage systems from any device, any place, anytime. Coupled with the ease of use, increased functionality and lower cost has lead the physical security industry to start to move into the cloud.  Global technicians have extensive experience with cloud based installations, giving us a true understanding of the nuances of cloud deployments.


Cloud-based service models offer lower capital investment, reduced IT personnel costs, lower energy consumption, scalability, and improved reliability.  Since this functionality is priced per user and requires no additional investments in hardware it is rapidly becoming a viable option for organizations of all sizes and markets.

  • Client Server: For organizations preferring traditional client server based architecture, Global offers feature rich solutions that provide expandability and the ability to migrate to the cloud.

  • Advanced Access Control Technologies: Integration of biometrics, wireless locks, destination dispatch elevator control, manned or unmanned visitor kiosks, turnstiles, CCTV analytics, or building environmental control, Global has the experience to provide solutions to our clients’ unique current and future needs.

We listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions based on cutting edge technologies in the electronic marketplace.

Our expertise provides our clients with solutions, design, implementation and support that address physical security along with IT security and managed services. 

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Access Control: Our Products
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