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About Global Integrated Technologies, Inc.

Global Integrated Technologies, Inc. has the unique ability to deliver complete Electronic Security and IT Solutions to meet clients current and future challenges.

In a time when IT and Electronic Security from a design, regulatory, implementation and support perspectives, have become interconnected, Global's ability to deliver both complete Electronic Security and IT solutions offers our clients a coordinated single point of contact.

Global assists clients in developing systems which meet initial functional and budgetary needs while offering ease of use, state of the art technology, and a long-term growth path.

Utilizing the products of a variety of leading manufacturers Global is able to:

  • Consult with our clients in developing customized solutions

  • Employ the latest technologies

  • Meet each client’s unique requirements

Global provides our clients the ability to concentrate on their core responsibilities… their Business. Global designs solutions that offer ease of management, a future growth path, long-term value. Global manages installations to be delivered on time, within budget and have minimal impact on clients business operations, employees, and customers. 

About: About the Company
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